Patron Portal Help

Thank you for using SF Paratransit Taxi Online. If you have any questions regarding this site or the SF Paratransit Debit Card, please contact our office at (415) 351-7000.

This portal gives you access to manage your SF Paratransit Debit Card accounts. You can check your available balance, add value to your account, view a history of recent purchases, view trips you’ve taken, report cards lost or stolen, or change your password to this site.

This help section will assist you in using this portal and its functions. For security reasons it is limited in its functionality; for example, it is not possible to change your personal data. For these and any other issues please contact SF Paratransit at (415) 351-7000.

To access your account please sign in.

If you need assistance, please contact SF Paratransit at (415) 351-7000.